Stellar Genesis is off the ground!

Our sister site, has launched! Head over there and check out what the team has been working on: Project DataFromDust, which seeks to build a scientific instrument to be included in an upcoming NASA lunar mission. Stellar Genesis is a collaborative space technology development organization founded in the idea that everyone has something to […]

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Spacebook: The Everyday Man’s Option for Space Debris Tracking

Spacebook is a nifty tool for the average space-junker. It provides a model of debris around the Earth, and you can sort the debris by status (Backup or Standby, Extended Mission, Nonoperational, Operational, Partially Operational, Spare), orbit (look in the background to see anything outside of low earth orbit), mission (Communications, Early Warning, Navigation, Surveillance, Weather, etc.), owner (country), and by a few other specifications […]

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