Spacebook: The Everyday Man’s Option for Space Debris Tracking

Spacebook is a nifty tool for the average space-junker.

It provides a model of debris around the Earth, and you can sort the debris by status (Backup or Standby, Extended Mission, Nonoperational, Operational, Partially Operational, Spare), orbit (look in the background to see anything outside of low earth orbit), mission (Communications, Early Warning, Navigation, Surveillance, Weather, etc.), owner (country), and by a few other specifications as well.

It only tracks 15,077 objects, which is far fewer than are up there, and I have as yet to find out what the specifications are for the objects tracked, in terms of approximate size and other factors.

The program is simplistic and serves mainly as a novelty from the best I can tell.

I am still researching its uses and searching for a more advanced, publicly-available space debris tracking platform.


What are your thoughts?

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